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Still life by water color

Watercolor is a medium that scares and discourages many people, because it is unpredictable, difficult or impossible to correct or change, it leaks, it streaks, and makes the paper buckle. All of these concerns are true, yet when we look at a masterfully done watercolor such as those of Winslow Homer or Andrew Wyeth we all wish we could do the same. That is because watercolor is a free transparent medium which always convey spontaneity even though the approach is most deliberate. One more note, there are many ways of approaching watercolor all of which I cannot hope to cover in one article, therefore I chose only one method which I practice and believe to be the most convenient. In this article I will outline this specific method of applying watercolor to illustration that will hopefully eliminate many of the problems encountered and allow for an enjoyable creative experience

Still life by water color

Watercolors and watercolor painting techniques by far outstrip all other paint media that newcomers use to start painting.

The medium provides the chance for virtually anyone to get into painting, with the minimum of cost and using relatively lightweight equipment.

For example, it's ideal for relaxing, holiday painting sessions. The almost immediate drying properties of watercolor paints mean you can produce a quick sketch of that wonderful landscape that's in front of you and will inspire you and remind you of that time for years to come... recalling the sights, sounds, aromas and emotions like no photograph alone could ever rekindle. Yet for many, watercolor painting techniques aren't always the easiest to master certainly until you get used to them.

Still life by water color Still life by water color

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