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Still life by black wash technique

Black wash is a powerful and unpredictable ally that when tamed, produces delicate gray washes that are very unique. They can be controlled as smooth layers just like watercolor applications or allowed to "do its thing" by giving it motion freedom. Let's look as some typical wash samples. Above each is a small brush application of that technique.  

Watercolors can be the blending medium as well as water. The ink is painted first, and a water color wash touches the ink edge to pull it in the desired direction. Colors will be grayed by the ink.

Still life by black wash technique

The color wash technique of painting involves the use of thin coats of semi-translucent paints (also known as glazes) applied over a high contrast ink wash. This technique can make for more dynamic illustrations with vivid colors and light contrast. Color washing is also considered less time consuming and more user friendly than traditional painting techniques. All you need are the right materials and a little bit of patience to create an amazing painting using this technique.

A wash is useful for providing a background or for covering a large area. It can either be done in one tone, known as an even, smooth, or flat wash; or gradually getting lighter, known as a graded wash.

Still life by black wash technique Still life by black wash technique

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